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Servicing Brazos, Grimes, Robertson, Milam,
Burleson counties & surrounding areas


 Residential & Commercial

(homes, offices, rental properties & more)

CLEAN-For-You is not just a house cleaning service, we are a Full-Service Cleaning company guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
We specialize in detailed, deep cleaning,  going beyond what we list & what other cleaning companies, franchises & individuals offer. We take pride in our "beyond-the-norm" cleaning service to you.

CLEAN-For-You is an affordable cleaning service with both commercial & residential clients. Our rates  are listed upfront so you will know what you will be charged for your service.

We use a steam mop in most applications & use a new mop head if using a regular mop & use new sponges for every client. We clean & sanitize equipment after each job. We will not use any used and contaminated cleaning materials on your home, so we will not contaminate your home from a previous job! This is just one of the ways that CLEAN-For-You ensures everyone a healthier environment & we pride ourselves on personal attention to every detail to satisfy every client's individual needs.

No other cleaning company franchise or individual, offers the many specials we offer & our popular "Name-Your-Own-Price"  special & that has to beat them all!

Look at local advertising for other cleaning companies, franchises or individuals, offering cleaning services & maid services & you will see higher & lower prices.  Lower priced offers are not always as they might seem & not always as experienced or properly trained in professional cleaning & you risk not being satisfied without guarantees & any method of enforcing verbal guarantees that might be offered. Higher priced companies & franchises cannot offer anything more than CLEAN-For-You professional service offers.  So why pay more or settle for less? Read: Choosing the Right Cleaning Service

 Our 100% client satisfaction guarantee  is proudly displayed which gives you complete satisfaction or we will clean for free.

CLEAN-For-You motto is: what needs to be done, is done. What needs attention, even when not related to cleaning, gets attention because CLEAN-For-You does what needs to be done & even though we don't charge for it & we are not paid for our extra attention, it's what makes us stand out from other cleaning services; going the extra mile for you. Look at our Extra Services.

In other words, if paint splatters are on the floor, tiled bathrooms & bathtubs, counter tops, or anywhere, we remove it. If the kitchen sink has rust spots & scrapes from pots & pans, we remove it. If the air conditioner return vents & air vents are dusty & dirty, we clean them. If a screw is loose, we tighten it. We take care of the little things that make the difference.

 How clean is your house?

sk yourself: Do you want it done? Or, do you want it done right?

We do it right!

We leave a complete detailed list of things that we notice that might need your attention. This is our way of helping each client keep & maintain their home in top condition.

We dedicate our detailed attention to every client & your complete satisfaction is our goal & promise.

Our clients are not merely our customers as most companies refer to "customers"… our clients are clients & each client is treated with respect & receives individual attention which each client deserves.

   We invite you to call us so we can quickly assess your needs & provide you with the services that are right for you.
Available & convenient plans to choose to suit your needs:
One-time cleaning, Weekly, Bi-monthly, or Monthly cleaning

(Discounts available for scheduled cleaning services)

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A professional full-service cleaning company tailored to meet your needs

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A professional full-service cleaning company tailored to meet your needs